“It’s always darkest before the dawn. …I can never leave the past behind…”

“Shake It Out” – Florence + The Machine (2011)

Another view of the President James A. Garfield Memorial, atop a hill at Lakeview Cemetery on Cleveland’s east side.

Photo taken April 19, 2014


“The sun, it rises slowly, as you walk… away from all the fears and all the faults you’ve left behind…”

“The Cave” – Mumford and Sons (2010)

Woodland Cemetery
Dedicated June 14, 1853
Located: On Cleveland’s east side, at 6901 Woodland Avenue
One of Cleveland’s earliest Public Cemeteries
Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, in 1986

Inscription on this neo-gothic grave memorial:

Wife of Herman C. Schubert
Born July 4, 1852
Died August 13, 1894
Aged 42 years”

Photo taken October 25, 2013

“Mr. Garfield’s been shot down, shot down, shot down… Mr. Garfield’s been shot down low”

“Mr. Garfield” – Johnny Cash (1965)

The President James A. Garfield Monument and Crypt
Lake View Cemetery – Cleveland, Ohio
Architect: George Keller
Architecture: Romanesque, Gothic and Byzantine styles
Construction begun in 1885
Dedicated in 1890
Constructed of Berea Sandstone
Height: 180 ft.
The caskets of the President and Lucretia Garfield on display – the only U.S. President whose casket can be publicly viewed.

Photos taken April 27, 2013