“This is the modern world…”

“Modern World” – The Jam (1977)

The Museum of Contemporary Art building, located at the northeast corner of Euclid Avenue and Mayfield Road, in uptown Cleveland, near Little Italy and University Circle is beautifully imposing.

The four-story building was designed by Iranian-born, British architect Farshid Moussavi. At a cost of $27.2 million, the structure was completed and the Museum moved in on October 8, 2012.

Photo taken April 19, 2014


“Alright don’t worry even if things end up a bit too heavy… we’ll all float on… alright… already we’ll all float on…”

“Float On” – Modest Mouse (2004)

On the Cuyahoga River, in downtown Cleveland, where the river exits out into Lake Erie–“American Courage,” a river-class vessel heading in to it’s next destination. The American Courage was built in 1979 by the Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin Bay Shipbuilding Corporation. It is powered by two 3500 Horse Power diesel engines. It also is equipped with 1,000 Horse Power “bow” and 600 Horse Power stern thrusters to negotiate tight waters in port, or on rivers such as the Cuyahoga.

Photo taken on October 4, 2013

“I dreamt we were standing… by the banks of the Thames… where the cold grey waters ripple… in the misty morning light…”

“Misty Morning, Albert Bridge” – The Pogues (1989)

“The Crooked River”– The Cuyahoga, as it flows slowly southward through the Village of Mantua, in Portage County, Ohio.

Stretching 85 miles in total length, The Cuyahoga River begins in Burton, Ohio, flowing south and west through Akron, in Summit County changing direction, where it heads north and eventually empties into Lake Erie, in downtown Cleveland.

Photo taken January 18, 2014

“…’cause I’m only a crack… in this castle of glass… hardly anything left, for you to see…”

“Castle of Glass” – Linkin Park (2013)

Parallel to Euclid and Superior Avenues in downtown Cleveland, on Public Square, the BP America Building is currently the Cleveland Headquarters of Huntington Bancshares. This photo was taken in the atrium looking up through the glass enclosure at the 45 story post-modern tower… a staple in the downtown Cleveland skyline. In 1998 British Petroleum (BP) sold the building to a private holding group and in 2011, Huntington Bank placed their name at the top of the tower and moved their headquarters to the building. The structure is the third tallest building in Cleveland behind the Terminal Tower and Key Tower, which is the tallest building between Chicago and New York City.

Photo taken June 14, 2013

“This is where we walked, this is where we swam… take a picture here… take a souvenir… Cuyahoga!”

“Cuyahoga” – R E M (1987)

The Cuyahoga River looking toward the east bank of the Flats in downtown Cleveland. Back in the 1970’s, 80’s and 90’s the East and West banks of the Cuyahoga River in the Flats were booming with popular nightlife– both sides of the river were home to converted warehouses turned raucous weekend party bars. Several concert venues and high end restaurants also staked claim there. Crime and assorted other “social problems” eventually drove people to other areas of town for fun, and the flats entertainment district eventually dried up. Today, the city is trying to renew life into the area with upscale apartments and condos, new restaurants, and the New Cleveland Aquarium.

Picture taken March 28, 2013.

“The core is creamy, docile and dreamy…”

“Volcano” by Presidents of the United States of America (POTUSA) (1996)

Lava Lounge
1307 Auburn Ave.
Tremont neighborhood – near west side
Cleveland, Ohio

Photos taken June 27, 2003

“Got a condo made of stone-ah!”

“KING TUT” – Steve Martin (live 1979)

Built during the reign of Augustus Caesar, circa 15 B.C. “The Temple of Dendur” was gifted to the United States by the government of Egypt in 1965. In 1967 the Metropolitan Museum of Art, in Manhattan, New York was awarded the temple for display. In 1978, the structure was placed permanently as the focal point in the beautiful Sackler Wing of the Met, pictured here.

Photo taken July 5, 2005

“On the towpath treadin’ dirt”

“Erie Canal” – Bruce Springsteen (2006)

Lock 3 Park invites a beautiful stroll along the old Erie Canal in downtown Akron, Ohio. The towering building in the picture is listed in the National Register of Historic Places for its architectural and engineering significance. Completed in 1930, this Art Deco Style office building now houses apartments and other leased space.

Photo taken October 6, 2012.

“And I followed you, Big River, when you called…”

“Big River” – Johnny Cash (1958)

The Cuyahoga River
Cleveland, Ohio

Photo taken October 8, 2012

“Ramble On”

“Ramble On” – Led Zeppelin (1969)

At a table at the Sunset Grille
Whiskey Island
Cleveland, Ohio

Photo taken August 17, 2012

Lighting Sweet Melissa

Front table lighting at
Sweet Melissa
19337 Detroit Road
Rocky River, OH 44116

Photo taken January 19, 2012

“Reflection is a flower of the mind…”

“Reflection is a flower…” – Desiderius Erasmus

At the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo
Photo taken March 27, 2012

A Modern Reflection of the Past

Near Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine in downtown Richmond, Virginia– a reflection I couldn’t pass up.

Photo taken February 2, 2006