“Up in the mornin’ and off to school… the teacher is teachin’ the golden rule. American history and practical math… you study ’em hard, hoping to pass…”

“School Days” – Chuck Berry (1957)
“School Days” – AC/DC (1975)

The third, and final incarnation of Central High School as it sits today, on East 40th Street in Cleveland.

Central High School was established on Prospect Avenue in 1846, as the first public High School in the City of Cleveland. Famous graduates of Central include John D. Rockefeller, John L. Severance, Marcus A. Hanna, Samuel Mather, and Langston Hughes. The above pictured Central High School was opened in 1940 and remained a high school until 1952, when it merged with EAST TECHNICAL HIGH SCHOOL on East 55th Street. Central was turned into a junior high school at that time, and most recently has been used as an elementary school location. Today it sits closed, waiting for its next use.

Photos taken February 29th, 2016