“Let it be so now; it is proper for us to do this to fulfill all righteousness.”

Matthew 3:13-17 NIV

John the Baptist
San Juan Bautista
Patron De La
Ciudad Capital
San Juan, Puerto Rico

Photos taken January 13, 2006


“I am still living with your ghost… lonely and dreaming of the West Coast…”

“Santa Monica” – Everclear (1995)

Photo taken September 8, 2007

Somewhere near Redondo Beach, California, at sunset.

The song, “Santa Monica,” is one of my all-time favorites. And the year it was released, 1995–one of the best years for music. So much great alternative rock music came out in the mid-90’s… I was living in Cleveland, in Ohio City, in a one bedroom apartment. A great soundtrack in my head for those times… And great times to go along with the memorable music!

“I thought I told you to leave me… while I walked down to the beach…”

“Blue Monday” – NEW ORDER (1983)

The beach at the Atlantis Resort
Paradise Island, Bahamas
Photo taken March 19, 2003

“Poetry in Motion…”

“She Blinded Me With Science” – Thomas Dolby (1982)

Sea Gulls Over the Gulf of Mexico
Galveston, Texas

Photo taken May 7, 2001

“Flying High Again”

“Flying High Again” – Ozzy Osborne (1981)

The Gulf of Mexico coast along the shores of Honeymoon Island.
Dunedin, Florida

Photo taken May 29, 2011

“All along the watchtower, princes kept the view…”

“All Along the Watchtower” – Bob Dylan (1967)

Experimenting with artistic augmentation.
The Lighthouse
St. Augustine, Florida

Photo taken November 20, 2004

The Sponger

Tarpon Springs, Florida
Photo taken March 8, 2003

a thorny crown

A weathered nesting along the shoreline at Honeymoon Island State Park, North of Clearwater, Florida, on the Gulf of Mexico.

Photo taken November 16, 2003.

A beacon in the night

The Lighthouse
Anastasia Island
St. Augustine, Florida

Photo taken November 20, 2004

A Honeymoon Island Sun Setting

Honeymoon Island Florida nearing Dusk
The Gulf of Mexico

Photo taken May 20, 2011

“…Where to Draw the Line”

“Draw the Line” – AEROSMITH (1977)

An artist practices his craft at the Clearwater Beach-fest.
Clearwater Beach, Florida

Photo taken April 30, 2005

Freedom isn’t Free

“Freedom Isn’t Free” – Up With People (1965)

The USS Battleship Wisconsin
One Waterside Drive
Norfolk, Virginia 23510

Photo taken February 2, 2006