“…and he had something relevant to say… now he sits alone in his chair…”

“Mr. Gray” – The Happy Bullets (2005)

A small patch of serenity at the busy intersection of Euclid and Chester Avenues, on Cleveland’s East side–part of University Circle’s Wade Park. An ode to Cleveland native, Republican United States Senator, political power broker, and industrialist Marcus Alonzo Hanna (1837 – 1904.)

The monument, was designed by Augustus Saint-Gaudens, an American sculptor, who was responsible for the design of the $20 “double eagle” gold piece, produced by the United States Mint between 1907 and 1933, considered today to be one of the most exquisite coins ever minted in the U.S. The monument’s base was created by Henry Bacon– famous for his design of the Lincoln Memorial, in Washington, D.C.

The inscription on the monument’s base reads:

“This monument is erected by friends and fellow citizens commemorating his efforts between capital and labor and his useful citizenship and distinguished public service.”

The Hanna Monument was unveiled to the public on May 24, 1908.

Photo taken October 28, 2014


“Don’t stand alone… you might turn to stone… I’m sure there is a pill for that… you’re on your own…”

“All I Want to Be (is by your side)” – Peter Frampton (1972)

The Cuyahoga County Courthouse, at Lakeside and Ontario Streets, in downtown Cleveland, was the fifth in a series of courthouses built since the city’s inception. This house of justice was built between 1906 and 1911, costing $4 Million. It was Designed in Beaux-Arts architectural style, by Cleveland architectural firm Lehman and Schmitt, with Beaux-Arts trained architect, Charles Morris as chief designer.

The sculpted marble figures that rest on the building’s decorative cornice, or ledge, represent historic figures in the history of Law. Several different artists were commissioned to create these ornate statues, including the acclaimed American sculptor Daniel Chester French, who was responsible for, among other historically significant works, the sitting Lincoln statue at the Lincoln Memorial, in Washington D.C.

In 1975 the courthouse was added to the U.S. National Register of Historic Places.

Top photo taken September 10, 2013 (front)
Bottom photo taken October 13, 2013 (rear)

“Love is a canvas furnished by Nature and embroidered by imagination.”

“Love is a canvas…” by François-Marie Arouet known by his pen name: Voltaire

National Gallery of Art
Washington, D.C.
Artist: Jean-Antoine Houdon
“Voltaire with a Perruque” (1778)
Marble bust

Photo taken March 19, 2006

“Check Your Head”

“Check Your Head” – The Beastie Boys

“Painting and Sculpture” (1774-1778)
Jean-Pierre-Antoine Tassaert
Flemish Sculptor
1727 – 1788
National Gallery of Art
West Building
Washington, D.C.
Photo taken March 18, 2006

“…far above our poor power to add or detract…”

“The Gettysburg Address – Abraham Lincoln (1863)

Located in front of the E. Barrett Prettyman Federal Courthouse, in Judiciary Square, Washington, District of Columbia– The Major General George G. Meade Memorial, was completed by sculptor Charles Grafly in 1927. General Meade is best known for his defeat of General Robert E. Lee and the Confederate Army at the Battle of Gettysburg, during the American Civil War (1861–1865).
Photo taken March 19, 2006

“The ties that bind the lives of our people…”

From the inscription on the south side of the building

The neoclassical revival National Archives Building, located on Pennsylvania Avenue, in Washington, D.C. was completed in November of 1935. It houses and displays the vital historical documents of the United States, including The Constitution, The Bill of Rights, The Magna Carta, The Louisiana Purchase Treaty, and the Emancipation Proclamation.

Photo taken March 18, 2006

“They have builded Him an altar in the evening dews and damps”

“Battle Hymn of the Republic” – The Mormon Tabernacle Choir

From the steps of the United States Capitol Building, The National Mall at sundown. In view, the Smithsonian Institution to the left, the Washington Monument at the center rear, and the National Museum of Natural History to the right.
Washington, District of Columbia, USA

Photo taken March 17, 2006

Milestone of Flight

Charles Lindbergh’s Spirit of St. Louis
The Smithsonian Institution National Air and Space Museum
on the National Mall

Independence Ave at 6th St, SW
Washington, DC 20560

Photo taken March 19, 2006